News Time Spanish – Premium samples

nts-notes-thumbThe News Time Spanish season pass provides access to lesson guides, transcripts, vocabulary, exercises and a special digitally slowed down version of the audio file to give you a little extra support in understanding the stories featured each week. The current season pass provides access to ten shows, starting with our first show on 17 May 2010.

We’ve added some samples of the premium materials to the feed. You can download the lesson guide for the 17th May episode here. Note that the season pass also provides an answer key for the exercises.

You can listen to the slow version of the episode using the Flash player below, or by downloading it here. Remember that this slow version has been digitally slowed down and is not intended as the ‘main listening experience’: we would suggest you listen to the normal speed version, then have a listen to the slow version if you find the normal speed too fast, before returning to the normal speed version for a third listen.

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