Introducing One Minute Zulu

oml-zulu300nWith the launch of the World Cup in South Africa, we’re delighted to announce a new addition to our One Minute Languages series. You can now learn the language of 10 million people living in South Africa and other surrounding countries. Zulu is also understood by over 50% of the population of South Africa, and is one of eleven official languages of the country. Zulu is a Bantu language, written using the Latin alphabet, and contains the famous click consonants c, q and x.

Like all our One Minute Languages courses, One Minute Zulu is made up of ten lessons, each lasting just a couple of minutes. If you follow all ten lessons you will be able to communicate with Zulu speakers. Topics covered include greetings, common words, introducing yourself, talking about learning Zulu and language difficulties, numbers, asking people how they are, and other useful phrases.

The course will be made available over the coming weeks, starting with lesson 1 today. All audio lessons are free. To find out how all the words are written, you can access our enhanced podcasts for iPhone/iPod Touch and iTunes, and our lesson guide which features all the words and phrases included in the course. The season pass for all ten lessons is a one-off payment of £5.00 GBP. You can also take advantage of our World Cup sale to get a 20% discount on this price by using coupon code worldcup at checkout. If you already have an account with Radio Lingua, log into your Control Panel and add One Minute Zulu to your membership. If you’re new to Radio Lingua, you can purchase the season pass here.