News Time Spanish – 24 May 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be looking at the the apprehension of ETA terrorist ringleaders in the French town of Bayonne. Other stories include:

  • violence in Thailand
  • ownership of the Falkland Islands and the towns of Ceuta and Melilla
  • the oil slick threatens the Mexican coastline
  • the first cloned fighting bull is born in Spain.

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[amprotect=111]Premium members of News Time Spanish Season 1 can access the full transcript of the episode and key vocabulary using the links below. Our lesson guide also contains exercises and we provide answers and suggested translations in the Answer Key. If you found the normal speed version of the audio content a bit too fast, try listening to the slow version which has been electronically reduced to 80% speed.

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6 thoughts on “News Time Spanish – 24 May 2010”

  1. You guys suck! Why would you give someone the option to listen to your podcast when there is no option to listen to it at all.
    Additionally in the iTunes it freezes and messes up your device.

    • @Me Thanks for pointing out that we had mistakenly left out the flash player from this post, and for doing so in such a constructive way… We’ve not had any problems with the iTunes feed reported from many thousands of downloads, and it’s impossible for a mp3 files to “mess up your device”.

  2. Thanks for the new show and the efforts you are putting into it! I think it’s really useful to extend my vocabulary because of all the more advanced terms you use and also because José reads the news just a little bit more slowly (but not too slowly!) than a “real” Spanish newsreader. I also have the impression that you have been moving the topics a little bit further away from the kind of political news everybody already knows inside out to something more cultural and varied (the more varied the topics are the better it is for building up vocabulary). Having said that, I would like to add that, of course, I miss some sort of spontaneous exchange between native speakers or some in-depth study of the language, but I realize that you can`t cover everything in a 6 minutes podcast.

  3. I am now able to access the podcast from the Members Area … thanks for fixing the problem!
    Good selection of stories, and excellent presentation. I am really enjoying this new series!


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