Season 2 – Lesson 40 – Coffee Break French

We’ve arrived at the final episode in our series of Coffee Break French. In lesson 40, we reach the end of the meal in which our friends Christina, David, Sophie and Jean-Jaques have been getting to know each other. As usual, we cover a range of topics and constructions in this conversation and everything is explained in the lesson. Please note that lesson 40 of Season 2 was originally known as lesson 80 of Coffee Break French. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

This lesson marks the end of the Coffee Break French course and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our faithful listeners who have been working through the lessons week by week. We very much hope that you’ve enjoyed using Coffee Break French. This, of course, is not the end of the French materials from Radio Lingua. Coffee Break French Season 3 is waiting for you! Don’t forget about our Walk, Talk and Learn French video series in which Pierre-Benoît, whom listeners will know from the Coffee Break French series, talks about grammar on the streets of Paris.

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Finally, from Mark, Anna, Pierre-Benoît, “David”, “Christina”, “Sophie” and “Jean-Jacques”, and the whole team behind Coffee Break French we would like to wish you much success in your continued learning of French. Bonne continuation !

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19 thoughts on “Season 2 – Lesson 40 – Coffee Break French”

  1. hi im so happy for improuving my french level and english also your spotcast are so good i rialise that goes so fast whith your help thenks so much. i will sugest my frends about your web site. well good lock et au revoir.

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to thank you .You are a wonderful teacher.
    If you have any course rather than online courses,please email me some information,I love to visit Scotland .
    Warm regards and many thanks

  3. I just discovered Coffee Break French today, and it’s the last episode! I’m sorry I have missed so much. Thanks for producing these lessons. I love your approach and the explanations.

    • Sometimes one has to think twice about what was said (eg. “sail” and “sell” sound similar 🙂 but overall it’s a very cute accent and makes the show fun. Anna rocks.

  4. I have just completed all 80 Lessons of Coffee Break French! And what a brilliant learning experience that was! Actually, I was inspired by the title of ‘Coffee Break French’ to sit down each time I had a coffee during the day and listen to a lesson, and so I was able to work through the course very quickly. Yes, it was very easy at the beginning and yes, it was very challenging towards the end … but no different to an average situation on the streets of Paris! Mark, your method, style and pace of teaching and explanation have been what has put this course a cut above others. Looking forward to more … Thank you.

  5. great job. i m listning your french lessons daily. it helps me to easily understand french language. so it saves my money too, as i dont think there is any need to join some institution to learn french. its all here we need. thanks mark

  6. Lesson 81 is titled 301 and all the subsequent lessons are all following the same pattern as radiolingua decided to change the coding system. Hope this helps!

  7. Sylvie’s comment above about Anna’s accent is unfortunate, but good for the exercise of humility. Anna’s accent is uplifting and bright and a complementary contrast to Marc’s. Irish, Scottish and French are, in my view, the most beautiful accents in the world.

  8. Hi guys. Thank you so much for producing these fantastic lessons. I started learning French at my local Alliance here in Sydney. Your lessons complemented my classes perfectly! I’ll miss listening to your lessons on my morning commute. And Anna – your accent is beautiful. Silly Sylvie needs to learn some manners.
    Thanks again.

  9. OH, I can’t believe it’s the last episode :(.
    I learned a lot, and I find it very useful. Thanks a lot guys.
    I find lesson 300 on the web site and I wonder if there is a chance for us to listen to the other lessons from 80 to 300?
    Thanks a lot for your really useful episodes.

  10. Hi mark,
    This is a wonderful course but since you changed your web site what happened to season 2. So disappointing not to be able to access this.


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