As we mentioned previously, things have been really busy here at Radio Lingua over the past few weeks and there have been a number of things we’ve been meaning to do. We’re now back on track with Coffee Break French – lesson 78 was published yesterday and the remaining two lessons in the series will be published over the next two weeks.

Our discussion forum recently suffered a major spam attack and we’ve had to filter through all the discussion threads and clean up the spam. We’re pleased to announce that the forum is available again and we would invite our community to join the discussions on the forum. We’re also looking for some users who would be willing to be moderators in an attempt to control any future spam attacks. If you would like to take on this role, please contact us and let us know. It would be useful to know your username in our system in case it’s not clear from your email address. Your duties would simply involve keeping an eye open for any spam on the forum and helping to clean up the forum when it’s required. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Per

      I´m 57 I have reached lesson 56 in Coffe Break Spanish. I have planed to take a Spanish course in Spain this Autumn 2010. Anyone who has tryed that?. I don’t know which school I school choose, there are so many. Anyone her who have some experience. I would be grateful for a reply.
      Kindly Regards
      Per Denmark.

    • Lars

      Can someone please provide a link to the new discussion forum? I’m new to Coffee Break French and have only found the one at, which is not at all helpful.

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