Lesson 35 – Show Time Spanish – Verano Español

In this week’s show we’re returning to our telenovela, Verano Español. It’s the morning after the night before when Ángel arrived drunk at Iona’s party. Needless to say Laura’s dad isn’t very impressed with Ángel! Laura’s friend Fiona arrives from Scotland and the love triangle threatens to become a square! As usual, in Act II, Mark will help listeners understand the story by working through a series of questions and answers about what happens in this episode.

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8 thoughts on “Lesson 35 – Show Time Spanish – Verano Español”

  1. Hello Mark and Alba!

    Is there any possibility to download further episodes of STS? I mean lessons from “Season Pass Level 2: Lessons 21-40” (free version)? Can’t see any links here.


  2. Hi Mark and co.
    First – muchisimas gracias por todo! An excellent job. Shame my old teacher at school didn’t have the talents you Mark have for teaching languages.
    Just a quick note to check that you are ok. The wire has been quiet for a while now… You haven’t decided to leave us like that, halfway through the season, have you?

    Again, thanks a lot, and hope the weather in Scotland is not too awful.

    Cheers from sunny Australia


  3. There is a lot of really excellent stuff in this episode but it’s the English that most surprised me. You say at one point, “given her into trouble”. I’ve never hear this expression before. “Got her, or gotten (US) her, into trouble” is what I’m familiar with. Is this a Scottish thing? Is it common? Am I too cloistered?
    Cheers & thanks

  4. Espero que todo este bien con STS. Ha pasado mucho tiempo y poco podcasts desde Alba se fue. Me encanta STS y cada semana espero para otro podcast. Me gusta Verano Español y me pregunto donde está el encore? Gracias

  5. STS 36 is coming very soon! We’ve had major problems over the past few weeks with our server and over the past two days we’ve been moving all our content for the public podcasts and the members’ system over to a new server. There is also another reason why we’ve been a bit slow with Show Time Spanish, as you’ll find out when you have a listen to the lesson. It will be available later this evening. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

  6. Mark, when you have time I have a problem that I need help with. We live in two different places with two different computers. When in Stillwater my i-pod was synchronized with that computer, then when I used the computer here to update coffeebreak spanish all my premium Showtime dissappeared from my i-pod. I am unable to access the site to redownload. Please help. I know there is a current problem, but I have enjoyed your program so much and want to continue. Thanks, Mary

  7. I love Ojos de Brujo! 🙂 If there is anyone else who’s into them I’d suggest checking out Jardares por Fuera. A Spanish band local in London. They’re amazing.

    Muchas gracias tambien por las lecciones! keep em coming x


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