Lesson 31 – Show Time Spanish

It’s destination Colombia for lesson 31 as Mark is joined by Carolina from Bogotá. Carolina introduces Mark to the geography and traditions of Colombia, and Mark learns a few useful expresiones colombianas. In episodes 31-40 of Show Time Spanish, Mark will be joined by various speakers of Spanish from different parts of Latin America, providing learners with a range of experiences and a useful introduction to each country and its traditions and language.

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10 thoughts on “Lesson 31 – Show Time Spanish”

  1. Welcome Carolina
    Brilliant. Just got back from 2 glorious months in Colombia and have fallen in love with the place and people. I simply can’t stress enough what a great country this is to further your Spanish – I’m going without food to get back 🙂
    Loving STS.

  2. La palabra es Chévere!, la deletreo mal, mis felicitaciones a Coffee break, estoy estudiando el Coffee break French y es chévere!, un abrazo desde Colombia.

  3. ¡Me encanta oír una Colombiana! He asistido dos cursos de español con maestras de Colombia y pienso que los acentos colombianos son muy fáciles de comprender.

  4. I’m confused. I stumbled upon this lesson via the list of comments to ‘recent lessons’. But I can’t find the lesson or the PDF on the Members Page. Can anyone tell me where the PDF is?
    Nancy Strasser

  5. I was interested in the part about the ch (and ll) no longer being Spanish letters. I have seen conflicting information on this, with some saying that they’re no longer considered stand-alone letters, and other saying that the 1994 change was only about where they were put in alphabetical order, with dictionaries in mind. This web site (http://www.spanishpronto.com/spanishpronto/spanishalphabet.html) seems to suggest the second opinion, although my Spanish grammar book holds the first opinion? There also seems no consensus over whether ‘rr’ was ever considered a letter.

  6. Fenomenal – como siempre!
    Nothing like hearing a new accent and a new person and getting the confidence that you can entender la gente latinoamericana tambien!
    Mark – a quick question. When you refer to this as the “last season” of STS- is it really? Nothing after lesson 40?
    That would be (for me at least) a huge shame. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the amount of work that must go into producing the show, keeping the telenovela going and getting the bonus materials published. I just wished it would go for, ummm, well forever really.

  7. Estoy de acuerdo con Michael. No es posible que sea la última temporada de STS. Quizás quiera decir es la última temporada hasta que vengan las lecciones 41-60??? ¡Espero que sí! Yo podria estar perdido sin STS. A mi, me gusta mucho la gira de las paises latinas. ¡Que buen idea! (i hope i didn’t get subjunctive happy)


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