There will be more drinks and snacks next week, but for now let’s learn to ask for the bill or check. Listen to today’s show here:


Today’s words and phrases:

la cuenta, por favor – “the bill, please”
¿me trae…? – “can you bring me…?” / “will you bring me…?”

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    6 replies to "TwitterLearn Spanish – Season 1 – Day 15"

    • Andy de Ronda

      Here in Andalusia the only people who use ‘la cuenta’ are foreigners, anyone not from the south of Spain is considered a foreigner, so even Madrid folk are lumped in with that lot.

      Andalusians typically just say ‘¿cuanto es?’ which has the advantage of brevity. It just means ‘how much?’

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      Thanks for your comment, Andy! ¿Cuánto es? is coming next week. In TwitterLearn we’re trying to introduce the language in tiny chunks, so we’re building the chunks together gradually. The idea of “noun + por favor” is probably the most simple form and it’s something which can be built on in the future, hence the inclusion of ¿me trae…? We’ll be developing this in next week’s lessons.

    • Andy de Ronda

      I’ll look forward to next weeks lesson. This is a great refresher, even for people who live in Spain. I hope you’re getting a lot of subscribers to this short course!

    • Alex Learns Spanish

      I live in the southwest US and occasionally travel to Mexico. There, I use ‘¿cuanto es?’ or ‘¿cuanto cuesta?’ when buying something (bargaining). ‘La cuenta’ is definitely used in restaurants.

    • Edward trujillo

      Yo entiendo lo que estas diciendo

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      Just watch out – when using ‘¿cuánto…?’ meaning “how much” you need an accent on the ‘a’: cuánto.

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