With lesson 61 we’re launching the complete course

This week episode 61 of Coffee Break French will go live, marking the start of the final season of Coffee Break French. Lessons 61-80 will continue to help learners around the world achieve a greater understanding of the French language. In level 2A, lessons 41-60, listeners have been practising using verbs in the present and perfect tenses, understanding how adjectives work in French, and generally increasing their vocabulary through listening to the examples taught by Mark to student Anna.

Lessons 61-70 will continue in a similar vein and will cover some new grammatical concepts, looking at the patterns of the language and providing lots of examples. From lesson 71-80 listeners will be able to put all the language they’ve been learning into context through a series of dialogues.

  • If you purchased a Season Pass for level 2A, then all you need to do to access the materials for level 2B is log into your Control Panel and add the membership for level 2B. The bronze pass costs £27 GBP; silver costs £37 and gold costs £47. All prices are subject to 17.5% VAT for EU customers.
  • If you’re new to Coffee Break Spanish, then for the first time you can buy the entire series in one bundle. Choose Coffee Break French complete in our store and you’ll receive the Platinum pass for Level 1 (lessons 1-40) and the gold passes for levels 2A and 2B. The platinum materials for level 2A and 2B will be made available when the series concludes in December. The special price for the entire course is £99 GBP.
  • If you’ve already bought the Season Pass for level 1 and are moving on to level 2, you can opt for the Coffee Break French Level 2 Complete at £84 GBP. This will provide all of the materials at gold level for lessons 41-80. If you already have an account with us, don’t forget to log into your Control Panel and add the Pass there.

Don’t forget the coupon code!

Above all, don’t forget that our summer sale is now on and you can use the coupon code SUMMER2009 to get 20% off the cost of any of the Coffee Break French packs. Simply enter SUMMER2009 in the coupon code area of the signup form or in your Control Panel. Please note that we can’t refund costs if items are purchased at full price.

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    23 replies to "Coffee Break French Complete"

    • Fil Stocker

      I can’t see how to download the free 1-60 lessons of Coffe Break French. Is this no longer available?

    • hui tyr

      me too, I can’t download ??? it is possible?

    • julia

      it is possible you just need to look on itunes or zune marketplace and search coffee break french in the podcast section

    • Farnoosh Brock

      I loved the first 40 episodes. I minored in French in college so I know a lot of what they were talking about but I still learned, I still enjoyed it, and I highly highly recommend it. I am now finishing up episodes 40 through 60+ and loving those too. Verbs, grammar, oh I am in French heaven! 🙂
      Merci mille fois.

      • saeed

        hi I’m interesting to learn french tell me pleas how match you get benefit from that lessons

      • Shashi

        Hi everyone i am from India .now a days i can speack French very well .i really thanked For coffeebreakfrench .that helped my learning French

    • Adam

      I’ve been living in a French village since July 09 and listening to CBF. I can assure you the lessons give authentic language and in a few weeks of regular listening and study I’ve gone from being silent in French to putting together conversations!

      Viva la CBF!


    • Shirley Anne Hannah

      Where do I go for the free lessons or even a sample?

    • Solent43

      Are there any plans to issue some conversational podcasts when Coffee Break French finishes? Something rather like the conversations in the earlier lessons at hotels etc?

      I’d like to hear more conversations now that I have the basics of the grammar – listening and understanding when conversations are flowing is still quite a challenge.

    • Gaby Malin

      I feel as though Mark and Anna are old friends now, I am learning French at a school and coffe break French have helped to clarify issues that I was confused with and taught me how to use others such as ‘y’. Thank you I really enjoy each lesson.

    • emi

      i heard of this website on my nokia n81 podacast…..you can download it free from there using internet or wlan….i saw that here you can only listen.

    • jami morton

      how can i pay for a membership.??? I really want to be able to download pdf’s of the lessons so I can learn to read the french that I have listened too??? can someone help me

      Thankyou kindly

      Jami morton US 206-353-6383

    • Yaniv

      Does anyone have any idea how I find the text of the song rate of 14. Thanks Yaniv.

    • Yaniv

      Does anyone have any idea how I find the text of the song rate of 14. Thanks Yaniv

    • Michele S

      Can you change the name of “Lesson 01 – Audio Extra – Coffee Break French” so it will list in iTunes after “Lesson 01 – Enhanced – Coffee Break French”?

    • Rod C

      I want to buy Coffee Break French, but there’s so many variations & choices (bloody CBF Level 2B Bronze – What is that all about???)I’m probably not going to bother.

    • Anna

      I was wondering if you will have more lessons of Coffee Break French.
      I finished the episodes and wondered if you will be offering more lessons. By the way, I like Anna and not just because she has a great name. Her voice and yours sound really great and encouraging.


    • Bill Moulder

      I am a retired Barrister/trial lawyer-(depends on which country I am in)..I grew up speaking,among other languages,French..but essentially lost it all when the family influence disappeared and I had to start “taking” the bloody language per America school standards!!!..what a waste. Now that I am retired-sort of,I am,and have been,taking French at the Dallas International School for over a year.(Our “class” meets 5 days/week during the summer for 3-4 hours/day and then 2-3 days/wk-3-4hrs/day during the Fall/Winter/Spring. Needless to say,the progress has been impressive. BUT, I still listen to Coffee Break French as I drive the hour or so to class..gets me in the mood so to speak.(I also listen to French Canadienne radio-out of either Montreal or Quebec but it IS a bit difficult-to say the least). However,I find that I really want/need more for my driving learning/refresher. Are there any plans to bring Anna back and continue on??? Also,just how has she done with the language. Her ability to rattle off as it were,as time went on, got better and better!!!! Regards to whoever reads this,Bill Moulder

    • Derek

      Coffee Break French is quite simply superb. I learned French in a Scottish school 40 years ago. I now walk the dog with CBF every day. I’m on lesson 62 and dread the day when I reach lesson 80. However there is always the new series !
      This course tops all others by a very long way indeed.
      Beaucoup de felicitations,

    • thüringen

      So good info. does not have I for a long time no more read genuinly well your blog further so

    • Kathryn

      Hey CBF, where are the next episodes for CBF 3?
      It’s been a very long time since Alf and Veronique said au revoir.
      In anticipation,

    • John

      Hi Kathryn, I’m with you! Is it my imagination, or has CBF slowed down to a crawl? Is it time to Occupy CBF so that we can get the next episodes 😉

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