TwitterLearn Italian, Spanish and French begins on Monday 29 June and in the first eight week course we will be teaching you the basics of the language with daily tweets from @learnitalian @learnspanish or @learnfrench, accompanied by mini audio lessons available here on our site.

Each day we’ll be sending out four or five tweets which will include vocabulary, information and links to the audio materials on our site. Given that our learners are all across the world, we’ll be sending the tweets out during the day (starting 9am GMT) and then again during the night (starting 9pm GMT), in the hope that we can provide learning materials for everyone who wants to learn with us!

Each tweet will link to a daily audio lesson lasting just 1 minute 40 seconds in which we provide the pronunciation of the words and phrases covered in the tweets. These audio lessons can be listened to on our site.

This is “micro language-learning” – and there’s obviously a limit as to what we can cover in 140 characters or 01:40 audio programmes, but hopefully through the course you’ll learn the basics of what you need to know on a visit to a French, Italian or Spanish-speaking area of the world.

If you’re not already following @learnfrench, @learnitalian, or @learnspanish, make sure you follow soon and join learners around the world learning languages 140 characters at a time.

    11 replies to "Introducing TwitterLearn"

    • Andy de Ronda

      What a fantastic idea!

      Thanks for being so proactive in helping people learn a few words of another language, I’m going to try all three.

    • Antony


    • kimeneki

      Great Idea, keep it movin’
      Mucho Gracias

    • Alan Reynolds

      Thanks for another great initiative for teaching languages. (I am a great fan of your Coffeebreak Spanish and am now on Podcast 65.)

    • Asma

      no word can express our love for this great site
      thanks a lot , an i will be on tarck


    • Danny

      This is, by far, the most innovative idea from Radio Lingua- and you have put out great products! Kudos to you, and thank you!

      Twitter: @DannyPhoenix

    • Peggy

      I love this. Twitterlearn Spanish is a fantastic idea. Thanks.

    • Petra Schuster

      Thank you very much for this great idea! I like learning french in daily little lessons!

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      We’re glad that TwitterLearn seems to be going down well. We thought we’d give it a go as a little experiment, but it’s proving to be very popular, so there’s obviously an interest in this kind of learning.

      In the future we hope to provide other types of learning experiences through Twitter, including materials for more experienced learners.

    • Beth in California

      I love the tweets! Can the twitterlearn spanish audio be downloaded somewhere? I’ve found some download links, but then most of them just play on the webpage which isn’t so convenient.

    • Andrey

      This is so cool! I am so sorry I missed the whole season! I look forward to the next season of TwitterLearnFrench. Is it possible to find the recordings on iTunes?

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