Lesson 25 – Show Time Spanish (Telenovela)

Episode 25 of Show Time Spanish features the fifth instalment of our ‘telenovela’, Verano Español. At the end of the previous episode, Laura discovered that the boy who has been chatting her up on a daily basis in the panadería is none other than Ángel, her next-door neighbour. In episode 5 of the soap, Estela – Ángel’s sister – warns her about Ángel and his aventuras de verano, and Antonio plans his surprise arrival in Spain for Iona’s birthday, only to discover things are not quite what he expected!

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1 thought on “Lesson 25 – Show Time Spanish (Telenovela)”

  1. These are awesome telenovellas!!! Hats off to RLN … i love, love, love, the explanation and breakdowns by Mark at the end. I have never loved being in school so much !!! 🙂 …


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