Just a word from Mark to update you on things with Walk, Talk and Learn French.

As many of you have pointed out it’s been a few weeks since our last episode. Things have been so busy over the past few weeks with the launch of the new site, a new series of Show Time Spanish, five new One Minute Languages, and also a visit to Paris to film more footage for Walk, Talk and Learn which had been planned for some time… We’ve just not had time to put together the new materials for Walk, Talk and Learn and we can only apologise!

I’m not sure if you know but as we explain on our site, Radio Lingua is a very small company and there only are three of us who produce all the materials at the moment. This means we have to plan our schedules carefully and quite a bit of time goes into each episode of Walk, Talk and Learn. We will be updating you as soon as we possibly can, and would hope that we’ll be back on schedule within the next two weeks. We have lots of exciting new content from our most recent shoot in Paris to share with you, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the new content when it’s launched.

Sorry for the silence on our part, and we’ll be back with you dès que possible!

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    26 replies to "Walk, Talk and Learn French update"

    • Greg

      Thanks Mark, I was worried Walk, Talk and Learn had gone by the wayside!

      Have really enjoyed the first 8 episodes and am looking forward to more proper ‘street French’ in the coming weeks.

      A la prochaine,

    • Mike Frinton

      Mark – your latest WTL update May 08 is very much appreciated thankyou – it is good that we are now better informed to understand what is happening. Hours of work obviously go into the production of what ends up as each “short” WTL lesson but it is this video/audio combo and especially the outstanding enthusiasm put into episodes 1-8 by Pierre-Benoit and yourself, that has really put WTL way ahead of anything else available online. You may not normally hear from us but you need to know how much you are both appreciated and how much we are missing WTL at the moment. Please give higher priority to WTL – we are looking forward to seeing episodes 9 & 10 as soon as possible please!

    • Dallas

      The wait is well worth it! We completely understand and as Mark Frinton said, you both are very much appreciated!!

      Merci beaucoup !


    • Karen

      Thanks for the update, we will be patient. I have taken many different kinds of lessons and this is one of the best. Thank You

    • Therese Weir

      WTL French is the best resource I have seen in recent years. I look forward to future episodes and I am sure it will be well worth the wait!

    • Lana

      Episode 1-8 are really great! I’m looking forward for the others.

      I see that the last notice was in May (and now it is almost September), but I still come to check if there were any updates.

      Thanks for what you do

    • Delaura

      I have purchased loads of CDs on learning French. Cofee Break French & WLT are the best ever!!

      Have most downloaded to my ipod and am trying my very best to learn.

      Thank you.

    • Andy Trenchard

      Pierre-Benoit is in my mind your best asset …. after watching the first video I was hooked and ready to pay for a premium membership . Then noticed the gap in production and update info. I hope it is a case of you have bitten off more than you can chew as opposed to financial restraints. I have to say the coffee break French although good sat on my i-tunes untouched for a long time as I found the Scottish accent a turn off. I changed my mind after seeing the video extras of Mark and Anna, but had not really felt the need to pay for a membership. I really think the possibilities of the Walk & Talk series are huge, the combination of Pierre-Benoit on the streets and Mark in the studio is fantastic. I would personally pay for a DVD series at a premium to anything that is on the market at this moment in time.

    • Sud

      Love WTLF, still waiting for more episodes! Find it more useful than CBF because that goes too slowly.

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      OK, so it’s fairly obvious that things didn’t quite go as planned with Walk, Talk and Learn. I’m going to be making a bit of an announcement in the next day or so about this and other projects, so I don’t want to say too much, but WTL is DEFINITELY on the way back… You’re probably all aware that we’re a very small company here and at the moment I’m entirely on my own so it’s not possible to update things as regularly as I’d like. Things will hopefully be changing on that front in 2010… More info very soon.

    • Sanja Hunt

      I love WTLF and have been checking often for more. I would personally pay for episodes. Maybe you should explore affiliate marketing so that you can finance that avenue. The street language is what makes people excited about learning a language. If we paid a little for each lesson and you get a lot of subscribers through affiliate marketers you might get to the point of just producing that series. No one else is doing it as well as you at this time. Good luck with your great idea.

    • Derek Ivory


      I’ve not read all the above, but agree with those that I have that WTL was a wonderful learning aid, and one that I hope will come back soon….any news on a date please?


    • Agagooga

      Hi could we get an update on WTL?

      If it’s been cancelled it’d be good to hear confirmation


    • Paul

      Hey Mark,

      These lessons you have made where ‘très, très super’, and I think making a complete DVD will be success. Even if its not free. After watching these 10 episodes you just want more.

      Hope to see more updates soon,

      The Netherlands

    • wtl french lover

      Love WTLF. Want more!! 😀

    • Ethna

      Hi Mark!
      Yet another call for more WTLF, please.
      I can’t tell you how great I think these videos are. Pierre-Benôit’s enthusiasm is so infectious and your invaluable studio explanations make the series such a winning formula.
      Living in France, I find myself looking at the posters and ads on the streets and try to figure the grammar out, like Pierre-Benôit does!

      We patiently await another series or update……

    • Carisa

      I love WTL!!
      I really hope you come back soon with more!! I have loved listening to CBF, but this is a whole new experience since we now have visual references!! Thank you!!!!

    • Carlos A. Hidalgo

      Hi Mark,

      WTL is incredible. I really love this idea. I really hope you guys don’t take it away. The videos are fantastic and the Grammar Lessons are really good and to the point.

      CAH, New York.

    • Michael

      I would like to ask if the new series are somewhere on the internet, where I have to subscribe, or was completly canceled?


    • Don

      I just found your site. It’s great, but nothing has been added since 2009? Will there be more? Is there another place to go to? Is it now to be purchased?

    • Diana

      I love WTL and continue to hope that you will be able to provide new material. The format is so interesting and current, and the grammar lessons are superb! Please come back!

    • Ben

      I learned so much from these 8 videos! ! Thank you very much! I thoroughly enjoy these videos! They’re fun, enjoyable, and easy to understand!

    • D.Pleming

      I have only been able to get episodes 1-8 of walk talk and learn french. Did you ever produce more episodes?
      If so, where can I find them?
      Thanks .
      Djpleming@ gmail.com

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Unfortunately we did only ever produce eight episodes of Walk Talk and Learn. There were more in the pipeline but we had to focus on other content at the time. Sorry! Maybe some day…

    • Laura

      I have tried a lot of podcasts and Walk Talk and Learn French is by far the best!!! I am so upset you guys stopped producing it and are focusing on other content 🙁 I would love for you to keep going with it.

      Whatever you guys decide, I’m sure its for the best and wish you luck!


    • LDK

      Just found these episodes last week and would love to see more. I realize it has been years, but I hope you all consider reviving this series or at least finish producing the episodes you previously made footage for.

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