We’ve unfortunately had a short delay last weekend with the publication of Coffee Break French 54, Coffee Break Spanish 24 and Show Time Spanish 24. As you know we’re a small family company so when flu hits, it tends to hit us all! We’re now getting back on track and will release the shows just as soon as we possibly can. The episodes which were due last weekend should be available today, and those due this weekend will be pushed back until Wednesday 3rd June. By the weekend of 7-8 June we should be back on track.

We’d like to apologise to all our listeners and in particular to anyone who has an open support query. We’ll be in touch very soon.

    2 replies to "Getting back on track"

    • Alicia

      Hi! Glad to see you are back! I do have an open suport query because I bought Coffee break French unit 3 and 4 to study this weekend before travelling to Paris and I received a short email without the attached files, so I don’t know what do to…Can anyone just send again the email with the attached files?…

      Thank you very much!

    • Rudi Santos

      Hey Mark, This is Rudi Santos from Brazil.Thanks for your nice and usefull work in this podcast!

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