Season 1 – Lesson 23 – Coffee Break Spanish

In this week’s lesson of Coffee Break Spanish, Mark and Kara continue the topic of hotels. Listeners will learn how to ask for different kinds of rooms, and deal with problems associated with hotel rooms. Please note that lesson 23 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 123 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each … Read More

Season 2 – Lesson 13 – Coffee Break French

In this lesson, we introduce the perfect tense of regular -er verbs. Please note that lesson 13 of Season 2 was originally known as lesson 53 of Coffee Break French. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

Lesson 23 – Show Time Spanish

This week Mark and Alba bring you a special musical episode: combining the Eurovision Song Contest with a performance from Mark of Tango by Spanish composer Albéniz. In the intermedio, José introduces the idea of ’embarrassment’ – vergüenza – and gives listeners some examples of how to use this concept in interesting expressions. Language points covered include llevar + time in … Read More