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In Lesson 19 we review Lessons 11-18. 

Please note that lesson 19 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 119 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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    7 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 19 – Coffee Break Spanish"

    • Olav

      Hello. I’m wondering if the pdf-guides will be updated, like the podcast? The Exercise is not the same in the pdf as in the podcast…

    • jim

      I played one of the segments in this broadccst several times and I cannot figure it out. You appear to say (several times) “me sabe decir” when it should be “me puedo decir” (based on everything I’ve looked up). Now, you’ll probably think I should subscribe and get the printed narrative (which might clear this up) and I have b een thinking about doing so because I am on your site virtually every day and I love your “lessons” and Kara w/ her accent (I’m in the US). But frankly, comments like the one above (from “Olav”) and the fact that you guys don’t respond to comments (see “Olav” again)give me pause. Especially when you’re always asking for input. Am I missing something here?
      (even if you don’t respond, I still enjoy your site immensely!)

      • Craig

        The phrase “me sabe decir …?” is equivalent to “do you know how to tell me …?” or “can you tell me …?”

        Two sentences later the phrase “me puede indicar …?” is also used, which is a more literal “can you show me …?”

        Hope this helps.

        • jim

          I get it now! Thanks Craig! I wish Spanish sites would make those kind of nuances clear for those of us trying to learn, like you just did. And although “Coffes Break Spanish” is also guilty of this to a certain extent, I do enjoy this site.

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      OK, looks like we’ve missed some questions…

      @olav Yes, we’ve been trying to pick up any inconsistencies in the pdf guides as we go along, and we’ll look into the issues with lesson 19 as soon as possible. Whenever some mentions something like this, we try to replace the guide as quickly as possible.

      @jim The phrase “me sabe decir…” is used in the bonus episode for lesson 14 and as such is explained in the notes for lesson 14, so we felt it was ok to include this in the content for lesson 19. We realise that from time to time there are things which aren’t explained as fully in the free content as we may do in the paid content, but I suppose there has to be some benefit for those who do spend the money to purchase the premium materials. That’s our main business model, so if people didn’t buy the premium materials then we wouldn’t be able to continue to publish free content.

      @craig Thanks for helping out!

      I don’t like always repeating this, but we are an exceptionally small company and for the time being “we” actually means “I”, ie. just me, Mark, working on producing the content, running the site, etc. so I’m doing my best to keep on top of things and sometimes I miss comments on the site.

    • Khin

      There was no difficulity to catch up American Spanish and Spanish Spanish. But I wondered how much would I understand if “Rafa” had spoken with the Dominican accent 😛

    • Steve

      Mr Radiolingua… May i say a massive thanks for all your efforts in producing this excellent Spanish course esp from those of us who are unable to afford the premium course. Many many thanks!

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