Lesson 18 – Show Time Spanish

In episode 18 of Show Time Spanish, Mark and Alba talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying things online, and share their experiences both positive and negative. In this week’s intermedio, Alba presents the city of Granada in the south of Spain, and José talks about ways to describe someone whose head is always in the clouds. Grammar points covered include the personal a, present subjunctive, double negatives, and the expression dar ganas a alguien.

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    Hi Mark – I’m coming to this very late, but glad I did. I noticed in this episode that a couple of times you used ‘infer’ when I think you meant ‘imply’, in the context of the use of the personal ‘a’ with tener to ‘imply’ an emotional significance; ‘Si quiero ayuda, tengo a mis amigos’ (or similar). Thought you’d want to know, being as you are a stickler for grammar. Adios y gracias por todas las clases. RR

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