Lesson 17 – Show Time Spanish

This episode is dedicated to all fans of the imperfect subjunctive… and to those of you who are terrified of it! After listening to Mark and Alba’s discussion about all things hypothetical, you’ll be 100% confident in using the Spanish imperfect subjunctive. In addition, Alba talks about her favourite parts of Madrid, and José introduces some ways to express surprise in the intermedio.

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1 thought on “Lesson 17 – Show Time Spanish”

  1. Una pregunta sobre una frase en Lesson 17 Encore:

    In sentence 4, “If I knew what I had to do,” the “what I had to do” is translated as “lo que tenía que hacer”.

    I had come up with “lo que tuviera que hacer”, sticking with the subjunctive, since it’s part of the same “si” phrase.

    Why does it switch back to the indicative?


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