Episode 07 – Walk, Talk and Learn French

In episode 07 of Walk, Talk and Learn French, Pierre-Benoît and Mark talk about superlatives: ‘the biggest’, ‘the tallest’, ‘the oldest’, ‘the hairiest…’!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 07 – Walk, Talk and Learn French”

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying Pierre-Benoît and Mark’s presentations on learning French from the signs and posters on the streets of Paris. What a novel way to learn the mysteries of French Grammer. I really hope the small team at Radio Lingua is able to continue producing these masterpieces.

  2. Episode 8 of Walk, Talk and Learn was the last one we were able to put together, but you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole batch of footage ready to be edited into new programmes, hopefully coming in a few weeks.

  3. After enjoying all of Mark’s 68 podcasts I’ve turned to the videos and Pierre-Benoit is terrific. Please do more! You teach me much more than my evening classes (2-1/2 hours). It’s clear and I really “get” it. Thank you…merci beaucoup!

  4. I am also fascinated by your podcasts. They are always entertaining and fun, but serious enough in order to learn the languages in a systematic way. I am attending a Spanish course at my hometown and my teacher recognized that I listen to your podcasts…

    By the way, Mark: You mentioned once that you also offer some merchandise like shirts and cups and so. Are there still any available? If so, where can I get more information about them? It would be fantastic to have a creative collection as Christmas gifts – for my friends and for myself…


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