Learn the language of love with Radio Lingua in this cheesy podcast for St Valentine’s day. In this second edition of LoveLingo you can learn the language of love in German. Imagine the situation – you’re on holiday in a German-speaking area and you suddenly realise the man or woman of your dreams is sitting right next to you. What would you say to him/her? Once you’ve listened to this podcast you’ll be in a position to make your move!
Included in today’s show are the phrases:

Hallo – Hello
Wie geht’s? – How are you?
Gut, danke. – Well, thanks
Möchtest du (mit mir) tanzen? – Do you want to dance?
Kannst du mir etwas auf Deutsch beibringen? – Can you teach me something in German?
Du hast wunderschöne Augen – You have very beautiful eyes
ich liebe dich – I love you.


Some of these phrases use the “du” form, the informal version of “you” in German. If you want to be more formal then you can say:

Möchten Sie (mit mir) tanzen?
Können Sie mir etwas auf Deutsch beibringen?
Sie haben wunderschöne Augen


By the time you’re saying “I love you” you’re more likely to be using the informal version! 

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