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In lesson 14 you’ll continue to look at places in the town and learn a song which will help you talk about what there is in your own town.

Please note that lesson 14 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 114 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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    19 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 14 – Coffee Break Spanish"

    • sean

      Hmm not sure why she is confused about c pronunciation in “cerca”. Same as English isn’t it??? e.g. circle, car, cinema, cell.

      • rudy

        yeah i know what u mean

      • Rebecca Burgener

        I think she’s playing the part of pupil, trying to ask any question a student might ask.

      • Julie Hildbold

        No it’s not at all the same – cerca (therca) is not like the c in circle.

        • Molly

          As Mark has said many times, it depends on if you’re speaking continental Spanish or Latin American Spanish.
          In Latin American Spanish the c in cerca makes the exact same sound as the c in circle,

    • Cristina

      Where to find the vedio dialogue material? Only by listening without the lines, it is difficult to catch.

    • Lorraine


      We forgot to add the words of the song before… so here they are!

      ‘En la ciudad donde vivo yo, hay muchas cosas interesantes,
      Hay un cine y una catedral y hay diecinueve restaurantes.

      En la ciudad donde vivo yo, hay muchas cosas interesantes,
      Hay un bar y un centro comercial y hay diecinueve restaurantes.

      En la ciudad donde vivo yo, hay muchas cosas interesantes,
      Hay una oficina de turismo y hay diecinueve restaurantes.’

      Enjoy singing along!


      • Diana

        Thanks for the words to the song Lorraine!

      • Random Turtle

        Muchas Gracias, Lorraine! This is really helpful!

    • jim

      This is great. And the song is a great little tune to help learn as well. I love Kara’s accent (hope I spelled that right!).. she’s fantastic; lately, I’ve beeen listneing to “coffe break spanish” most every day. Muchos gracias!

    • Smith

      Please kindly tell me where I can download the french coffee break lesson 14. The on I have in the website is spanish lesson. I thin there is sth wrong

    • radiolingua radiolingua

      @Smith – We’ve fixed the link on the CBF Step by Step page:

    • Jason

      hi this is a good thing

    • kwon


      Thanks for this amazing learning spanish podcast 🙂
      I will learn espanol more hard!

      Muchas gracias~

    • Paul

      I heard this podcast before Christmas and find the song so helpful in remembering words. I realise the podcasts are all made for about the next two years as I am behind, but I do hope there are more songs to come!

    • fareed


    • Khin

      It was fun singing along! Muchas gracias Mark, Kara y the team.

    • Rabe

      Me gusta cantar musica de espanol, pero no canto muy bien.(:

    • Atul

      Mark and Kara, you are absolutely fantastic.
      I came across the pod cast last month and I am just loving it.
      Muchas gracias por todo.
      I also loved your singing Mark 🙂

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