Lesson 13 – Show Time Spanish

In episode 13 of Show Time Spanish, Mark and Alba discuss social networks including Facebook and Twitter and their value for language-learning. In addition, in this week’s intermedio, José discusses effective ways to say you’ve had enough of something, and Alba talks about the film Habana Blues. Grammar points discussed inlude subjunctive after el hecho de que, preferir que and the imperative in the vosotros form.

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1 thought on “Lesson 13 – Show Time Spanish”

  1. I’m confused. When discussing your friends, “with whom I work”, the Spanish is given as “las cuales” – “the whiches”. Wouldn’t it be better to use “con quienes” instead?
    Anyway, a great lesson as always – I really enjoy the intermedio with Jose. Some great phrases which I’ve already started using.
    And if anyone wants to read about living in Spain – and my efforts to communicate – please visit my blog: http://talesfromlaterraza.blogspot.com/


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