Episode 06 – Walk, Talk and Learn French

In episode 06 of Walk, Talk and Learn French, Pierre-Benoît and Mark consider 'si clauses' which combine imperfect and conditional tenses. Please note that teachers using this episode with their classes should view the full episode before using it with younger students.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 06 – Walk, Talk and Learn French”

  1. I am “bien” pleased to see the arrival of Episode 6 today. The subject may be a bit heavier than we have previously seen, and the verb variations more complicated, but this is another example of just what is needed to grab our attention and make us work harder – helping us to move forward in French using topical situations found in Paris.

  2. Hey Mark and Pierre. How are you doing? I’m from Brazil and I’ve been a great fan of your’s for a long time, since you first started The Coffee Break French, which I also keeping listening. This new website is great to learn a little bit more about France and daily French. You guys are great!!
    Thank you for everything.

  3. Let’s hope Mark and Pierre are beavering away (over the weekend if necessary) finishing off episode seven, ready for us to enjoy by the middle of next week? It’s amazing how quickly a week can fly by and how addictive these WTLF sessions can become!


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