In episode 05 of Walk, Talk and Learn French, Pierre-Benoît and Mark look more at adjective agreements; they talk about the expression 'être embêté(e) de + infinitive; and explain how the 'ne' in 'ne…pas' is often dropped in spoken French.

Other downloads: wmv (89mb) | divx (39mb)

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    6 replies to "Episode 05 – Walk, Talk and Learn French"

    • skoot

      i’m not sure if this teaching style would entice me in the long run or get on my nerves. but i very much like the idea. i think i will subscribe to this podcast

    • Grace

      I like this programme and it’s a relaxing way to learn French. It’s very different from the classroom style.
      Thank you for producing this programme.

    • Michael

      I am surprised to see so few favourable comments – I would have expected great enthusiasm from everyone, rather than some of the half-hearted rather negative comments. I am a pensioner so I may have a distorted view but I think Walk, Talk and Learn French is absolutely great for people of any age. What a fresh and lively approach to help back up the learning of French, based on what is really experienced when you visit Paris! Absolutely wonderful – well done Pierre and Mark! I am anxiously looking out for episode 6 but it seems to have been delayed?

    • RPC

      GREAT STUFF. I learned some great new things about spoken french that aren’t in any of the other podcasts/ videos. Great format and good pics of paris, right near where i like to stay. Combo of video and graphics good too. Merci a vous

    • janiace

      I love your videos! I wish there were more. For example, I’m looking for one that explains the “ne pas” rule.

    • sue

      These are the best videos I have found! I laugh out loud at Pierre-Benoit as he is so hyper but so funny and expressive! I love how the signs are used. Very creative and realistic approach. I also find it very helpful how the video is organized with the teaching section in the middle and so extremely well-explained. Great teaching. Great format. Merci!!

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