Teacher Pierre-Benoît introduces Walk, Talk and Learn French and explains what viewers can expect from this new show which teaches French grammar in an innovative and fun way.

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    4 replies to "When you’re learning a language…"

    • Heather

      Thank you, thank you. I’ve been looking for a good resource to learn French. I love how this is presented with the spoken language, but also how it is written. Excellent.

    • las

      I have been in beginning French for 25+ years and can’t seem to progress to the next level. We visit France twice a year, and I was quite discouraged regarding my French language ability. I have utilized at least 25+ programs, and tutorials to no avail. Your “life application” approach to learn the French language is helping my retention skills. I will use your program faithfully and gratefully.

    • Claire

      I have been wanting too brush up on my french forever. This visual approach is excatly the method to suit my learning style and the presenter and format are incredable. Thank you! Plus its free 🙂

    • Todd

      This is great! Well done!
      It seems that the download wmv or divx links don’t work on any of the posts. They just link back to the home page. Are they available? I’d like to be able to download these for offline practice.

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