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Wtlfrench-300Welcome to Walk, Talk and Learn French from the Radio Lingua Network. This video show presents French grammar like you've never seen it before. Join teacher Pierre-Benoît as he wanders around the streets of Paris talking about the language he sees on posters, adverts and notices.

Walk, Talk and Learn French is published in weekly episodes, beginning on 9th January 2009. You can view the episodes on our website, or subscribe for free in iTunes and receive each episode automatically as soon as it's published. Bonus materials for each episode will soon be available, along with the option to download high quality videos.

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    Excuse me, do you have pdf. files as coffeebreakfrench with Walk,talk, and learn French? How many lessons will it contain?? Merci.

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    Jennifer – yes, we will have pdf lesson guides with exercises for teachers and learners. These will be available within a couple of weeks and will form part of our Walk, Talk and Learn membership.

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    I loved your videos! I’m very excited about them – they are so much fun! The only question is: how often will you be creating new videos? Because if I start this program, I would really appreciate if you could update them at least once a week, to keep the learning process. Long breaks make me less motivated..
    Thanks for all your great work! So let’s walk, talk, and learn every week!

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    I’m extremely impressed with your videos, they are very interesting, informative and entertaining! Pierre-Benoît has so much positive energy which grabs my attention and makes me want to learn unlike most dreary and seriously spoken french podcasts. I’m currently living in Paris too so it’s so helpful discovering the meaning of the words and signs around me!! I’m hooked!! 🙂

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    I live in Sydney and have just started to try and learn French again (last did it at school 15 years ago). Your lessons are absolutely wonderful. They are so interesting, useful and I love how you can see a little bit of Paris. Using posters/signs etc is a great idea because they often use language which isn’t really taught in the traditional classroom setting.
    I moved to Sydney 2 years ago from Glasgow so it is also a pleasure to hear a little of the Scottish twang in Pierre-Benoits english!

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    Great job guys. Superb energy and I learn something every time I watch. We live in Minneapolis and visited Paris this past summer and had a wonderful time. Its nice seeing some of the streets we walked along in the podcasts.

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    Thank you guys for such a fun and educational videos, I cann’t wait to see the pdf files to have them as support for the videos. I always wanted to learn french, now with your way of teaching it is going to be very cool.

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