In lesson 3 of Show Time Spanish, Alba tells Mark about a Halloween party she attended. They discuss the traditions of Halloween. In the intermedio José provides two alternative ways to say that you’re tired. Grammar points include reflexive verbs in a different tenses, the subjunctive after quizás.  

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    2 replies to "Lesson 03 – Show Time Spanish"

    • george

      I liked this lesson a lot, much more that the second one. Just a quick remark:
      The volume on the guy from the telenovela was very low, I could barely him!
      Anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Tommy


      In Lesson 03 Encore the sentence: “I was studying until the early hours” is tranlated as: “Estaba estudiando hasta altas horas” using the imperfect, but in Lesson 3 Alba says: “estuve bailando hasta altas horas” using the preterite tense. Why is that?

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