With our One Minute Languages courses we aim to teach the absolute basics of a particular language and try to opt for the easiest way to say a particular phrase. Often it's not possible to go into the intricacies or nuances of a language, especially not in lessons of around one minute. We also aim to keep the choice of phrases as uniform as possible across the range of languages.

Following comments from listeners we've decided to replace a couple of phrases in the earlier episodes of One Minute Japanese. Some listeners who are experienced learners of Japanese commented on our choice of phrases in lessons 2 and 3, and we've since discussed this further with Japanese teachers.While the phrases we had chosen were grammatically correct, we've decided to change them.
Specifically, we've changed the following:
  • arigatou gozaimasu as a more formal version of arigatou (lesson 2)
  • iie as a simple form of "you're welcome", in addition to do itashimashite  (lesson 2)
  • watashi wa nihongo ga wakarimasu as a more natural way of saying watashi wa nihongo ga hanasemasu: in Japanese it is assumed that if you 'understand' (I understand: wakarimasu), then you will also 'speak' (I speak: hanasemasu) (lesson 3)
  • chotto instead of sukoshi as it is natural with wakarimasu (lesson 3)

We've uploaded "reposts" of each episode (2 to 5) in the podcast feed and these will be downloaded automatically if you use iTunes. Each of the episodes on this blog now have the correct links associated. Given that episodes 4 and 5 had an element of review, these have also been replaced.

Please note that if you used any of the original phrases you would be understood by a native speaker, but we wish to ensure that the content of our courses is as accurate as possible and would like to thank those listeners who contacted us about the phrases chosen originally. We'd also like to apologise to learners for any inconvenience. 

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