In this third episode, you’ll hear more from Duncan who this week shares some of his concerns relating to Lisa’s new friends in Canada. Verbs included in this episode are run through, run over, run down, see to, come across, take back and more.

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    3 replies to "Episode 03 – Write Back Soon – English Phrasal Verbs"

    • Daniel

      Could it be that this episode is not available on iTunes?

    • christine Bungaroo

      Hello. Having just listened to your third episode of ‘write back soon’, which focusses on phrasal verbs, I would like to ask you if you consider the phrase ‘to run a mile’ as a phrasal verb. Could you clarify this point as it is rather confusing to me? Thank you.

    • Carlos Felix

      I want to know if you can available the text of the episodes? I want to accompany the text.
      Write back soon
      Carlos Felix

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