We’ve been running a bit behind schedule with Coffee Break French and until today we’ve not really been in a position to explain what’s going on. Anna has actually been unwell and has been in hospital. She’s now on the mend and is looking forward to getting back into recording the future episodes.

As we explained in the announcement which went into the feed today, we’ve decided to start back with episode 41 in January 2009. We really weren’t sure about things until the past couple of days, and Anna wanted to record a message to everyone to explain things. She’s not quite ready to start recording full episodes, but will be soon.

For premium subscribers, we’re suggesting that you cancel your subscriptions – we ultimately want everyone to move over to our new system anyway and this will be fully ready in January. There will be further content in the premium feed between now and then to make up for the lack of new materials.

We’d like to apologise for the lack of information about Coffee Break French in recent weeks, but it’s been a bit difficult to know exactly what to say about when we’d be able to start up again. Now that Anna is on the mend we’re delighted to be able to give further details and would like to thank all our listeners for their patience and understanding.

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    3 replies to "Coffee Break French news"

    • dee

      I am a listener from Los Angeles. I listen to the show every week. I hope Anna feels better soon.

    • Anthony in DC

      Thanks for the info; I have wondered what happened. I am an avid subscriber on iTunes from the Washington, DC area, and I have looked regularly for new episodes to download, as I like your style of teaching. I also have watched many of the YouTube postings. I am saddened to learn of Anna’s illness, as I have listened to Mark’s and Anna’s banter for over a year now. Your lessons helped me prepare for my vacation to Montreal in August 2008. I hope Anna gets better soon and that it is not too serious.

    • Moe

      I just started with this podcast and am only on lesson 3 — but it’s fantastic!
      Feel better soon, Anna!
      A bientôt!

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