ONE DAY ONLY – save 35% on our Coffee Break Spanish and Show Time Spanish memberships on Friday 28th November. Use coupon code 4AEF10 (four-A-E-F-one-zero) when signing up for a six-month membership. Please note that this discount applies only to your first payment. Any subsequent payments will be at full price. Access our membership area and sign up here.

    2 replies to "Black Friday Sale on memberships – 35% discount"

    • Lohrasb

      Hi, when I tried downloading lesson 6, the 404 error message was generated, which usually suggests the file has not been found.
      Has this lesson been removed from the library.
      Incidentally, I can’t thank you enough for providing such an invaluable service!
      Best regards

    • Iain

      Can’t find this lesson on your site, nor will it download from iTunes! By the way, both Coffeebreak Spanish and Showtime Spanish were invaluable to me as I navigated my way through nine months in South America, without a word of Spanish to my name at the start…

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