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    First, congrats on the new series. Second I would prefer a bit longer 1st part since this is an intermediate series. 1.40 mins is very little, maybe less than the beginner’s series.
    Third, in my opinion, which maybe wrong, I don’t thing trabalenguas really help at anything, except for being rather amusing.
    all the best

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      The conversation didn’t last 1.40 mins, but started at 1.40!
      So it lasted about four minutes. (;

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    I would like to see if it is possible to get chapter points placed in the program for easier navigation with the iPod. This way, it would make it easier to go back or forward to the individual segments.
    Thank you for what you are doing, I loved Coffee Break Spanish and am enjoying Showtime Spanish so far. (I like the tongue twisters. They help you practice using different words in different combinations which help you use the language better).

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