Improve your English with Write Back Soon

Write Back Soon is the new podcast from the Radio Lingua Network which helps learners of English master one tricky aspect of the language: phrasal verbs. In weekly episodes listeners will follow the adventures of Duncan and Lisa who are conducting a long-distance relationship by email. Teacher Gerry will explain the phrasal verbs used and listeners will build their vocabulary and confidence.

You can simply download or listen to each episode here on the website, or get every episode automatically delivered to your computer by subscribing (for free) to the podcast feed. Use the RSS link or subscribe in iTunes.

2 Comments on “Improve your English with Write Back Soon”

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    Hello I am Ratana. I live in Cambodia I interested learning English with your websit. How can i start learning step by step. Please help me. Thanks

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    Hello, this is Emigdio.
    I would like to know if you could provide the transcripts of this podcasts?
    If so, plese let me know how I could get them.

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