One Minute Catalan has been featured on the Catalan digital news site Vilaweb, outlining the background to the One Minute series and providing details on the launch of One Minute Catalan which took place at PodCamp Barcelona last Friday. Si parles català, pots llegir l’article aquí. I si no, doncs hi ha un podcast que pots utilitzar per a aprendre’l! (If you speak Catalan you can read the article here, if not there’s a very good podcast you can use to learn 😉

    2 replies to "One Minute Catalan makes the Catalan press"

    • John

      When I bought a book on Catalan back in 1998, somewhere in London, there were no such resources as this. I am so glad to see such innovative approaches extended to less spoken languages. Moreover, as a person in favor of Catalonia regaining (at least partially) its autonomy, I am moved by your efforts. Do keep up the good work. Oh, and in continuation of the less spoken languages, do consider Turkish. Thanks.

    • Peter

      For when one minute Dutch?

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