In lesson 1 of One Minute Catalan you will learn how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Catalan.

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    1 Response to "Lesson 01 – One Minute Catalan"

    • Jane

      Thankyou for developing this v useful basic programme. I’m trying to improve my French but also want to try and learn a bit of Catalan as I am lucky enough to visit the area where both are spoken.
      Not wanting to be nit-picking but there is a bit of a geographical error in this first episode: Catalan is not spoken in South Eastern France (where France borders with Italy), but in the West of the South of France, Pyrenees Orientale region(North Catalonia) which borders with North East Spain (South Catalonia). This does sound a bit verbose but can’t think of how else to describe it as it certainly ain’t S.E or S.W France.
      Best wishes

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