Coffee Break Spanish in the Podcast Awards

We recently invited you to nominate Coffee Break Spanish for a European Podcast Awards, and it must be the seaon for all the awards at the moment, as the international podcast awards have just been announced. Listeners are invited to vote for their favourite podcasts in a number of categories, and, of course, we’d be very happy if you would consider voting Coffee Break Spanish as your favourite Education podcast.

To do so, you need to go to and enter “Coffee Break Spanish” in the education category. The url require for the website is (but you probably knew that!). This is the nomination stage: as far as we know a jury will consider the various submissions and shortlist a number of podcasts. At that point it’s a free-for-all as everyone can vote daily for their favourite podcast! We’ll let you know if and when we reach that stage. In the meantime you should be aware that you can only submit one entry, so make sure you list your other favourite podcasts in other categories on the same form.

You can also choose to submit Coffee Break Spanish for the People’s Choice Award if you feel that this is appropriate.

We very much appreciate all your support!

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