Two new products have been added to the Radio Lingua store today. We’re currently publishing A Flavour of German in fortnightly episodes, but if you can’t wait until mid-September to get access to the whole series, purchase our Season Pass now, complete with the pdf lesson guide featuring additional examples of the phrases we cover in each lesson.

We’ve also released a pack of all six One Minute Languages courses: if you’re an aspiring omniglot you can purchase all ten lessons of One Minute German, Irish, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Polish and Russian for a one-off cost of £14.00. The courses each come with a pdf lesson guide and enhanced podcast episodes which allow you to view the words and phrases on your computer or iPod screen as you listen. Purchase the One Minute Languages Six-pack in our store.

For both these items, try using discount code first25 and see if you’re among the first 25 buyers!

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