DvdboxomlsixIf you’re an aspiring omniglot, why not take advantage of our special offer? Purchase all six One Minute Languages courses for a one-off price of £14.00 GBP (approx $28.00 USD). Each language features ten lessons – all enhanced podcasts allow you to view the words and phrases you’re learning on the screen of your computer or iPod (iTunes, iPod, QuickTime only), and all languages come with a lesson guide, providing further information about the words and phrases included. Visit our store now!

    2 replies to "New – One Minute Languages Six-pack"

    • mr_f

      Do you have lessons that go beyond the 10 1-minute lessons? You have a great teaching style, and I would be interesting in purchasing lessons 11 thru 20 and beyond…

    • Alexandr Brojdo

      Hi there, it very interesting indeed,
      I have just heard some of one minute Russian, you are speaking R. very good but in is not native Russian speaker, could you not find one…..
      Yours A.B

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