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Dvdboxfog01If you can’t wait to download the fortnightly shows of A Flavour of German, you can purchase all ten shows in season one now. The Season Pass includes the pdf guide with additional examples of the phrases covered, and all ten lessons in m4a enhanced audio format. This format is playable on iPod, iTunes and QuickTime and allows you to view the words and phrases on the screen of your computer or iPod as you listen to the audio.

Please note that the enhanced audio files contain exactly the same content as the free programmes. The bonus features of the Season Pass are:
• immediate delivery of all lessons
• enhanced versions of each episode featuring words and phrases on screen
• pdf lesson guide with additional examples

Purchase options
A Flavour of German Season 1 is priced at £12.00 GBP. You can purchase the Season Pass for A Flavour of German via our store.

Should you require more information please contact support [at]

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