Special message for Norwegian learners from teacher Dag

17th May is celebrated as National Day in Norway and Dag, our Norwegian teacher, recorded this special message for Norwegian learners across the world. Gratulerer med dagen!

10 Comments on “Special message for Norwegian learners from teacher Dag”

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    Hello! I was SO excited about One minute Norsk! What happened? Did I miss something? Really hoping the sessions will progress! Tusen Takk!

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    Hei, I absolutely agree with Patricia! Yes, we do expect that you will continue the series of podcasts. I can’t be 100% sure but as far as I have searched the web you offer the ONLY podcast for norwegian. Go on! We are with you. Takk, takk.

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    Hei Dag,
    Takk for the one minute norwegian lessons.
    Please do 10 more because it was very interesting and helpful and I enjoy it very much and you are a very good Norsk teacher.

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    Hei Dag!
    I just wanted to say that you completely rock! I wish there was a full Norwegian course with you as the voice…
    Anyway… dreaming is priceless.
    Thank you!
    – Eduardo

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    Please please continue! I learned so much from the first 10 lessons. It’s so easy to understand you! Takk for na!

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