6 thoughts on “A Flavour of German – Lesson 01”

  1. The pdfs will be part of the bonus materials and will be made available within the next week. We will offer a sample pdf for free to give listeners an idea of what’s involved. Hope this helps.

  2. Have subscribed to your new podcast ” A Flavour of German” excellent!but, somehow not able to download lesson one, ?? help!!your other program “My daily phrase German” is excellent too, I will be soon enrolling to have the pdf downloaded.How long this new program on average will last?

  3. This is really cool!

    But I don’t think that “Affenhitze” is that common in German.
    I’d say “sauheiß” (female pig + hot ^_^).

  4. This is great stuff!

    Sabrina, ‘Affenhitze’ is probably more commonly used in the south… it’s definitively used a lot in Switzerland!


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