In this lesson, the last lesson of this unit of One Minute German, you’ll learn to say a few useful phrases including “Happy Christmas”, “Good luck” and “I love you”!

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    4 replies to "Lesson 10 – One Minute German"

    • Alejandro Romero

      I like the podcasts. I am a beginner, but I am learning German.
      I would like to ask something. How to say a phrase in German, something like this.
      I want to ask somebody ‘how do I look like to that person’

    • morgaine

      Wie sehe ich für ihn aus? or Was denkt er, wie ich aussehe?

      • Jeannette

        Wie sehe ich für ihn/sie aus? or Was denkt er/sie, wie ich aussehe?

    • PJ

      Thanks for these lessons.

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