4 thoughts on “Lesson 08 – One Minute Russian”

  1. Hi Ann,
    I’m really enjoying your podcasts. I hope you continue to post new lessons after Lesson 10.
    До свидания – Da svidániya!

  2. Thank you for the expansive language lessons and I have really enjoyed learning Russian.Many of my clients are Russian immigrants and quite suprised when you reply Da svidániya etc. Your format for the course is perfect, as an introduction to language learning for some one who is on the go I have really enjoyed the courses.

  3. Zdrastvuitye Ann,
    your lessons have helpd me so much!
    russion is a forth language that I’m trying to learn,and by listening to your podcast I have been able to make a new friend.
    I am really and truly grateful..and have recomended this site to all my friends
    your teaching this lanuage in a fun and easy way ^^


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