Coffee Break Spanish vs. Oprah on iTunes

Picture_4The gloves are off! We’ve been watching the iTunes US podcast charts all week with great interest and despite moving into a higher position than the previous #1 This American Life from Chicago Public Radio, a new entry has suddenly climbed up to the top-spot: Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” is an “exclusive online class” starting March 3rd. So, the big question is: can the humble Coffee Break Spanish knock the mighty Oprah and Eckhart off the top spot? Can we from our little studio here in the West of Scotland beat the multi-million dollar industry that is Oprah Winfrey? Can the “little guy” (I’m actually 6’2…) beat the traditional media moguls as they play the new media game? Well, we’ll see… but if anyone happens to notice in the next few hours and days a little red and yellow coffee cup edge past Oprah on iTunes, PLEASE get a screen grab for me if I miss it! May the best pod win!

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