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In Lesson 15 you’ll learn to order drinks in a café.

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    12 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 15 – Coffee Break French"

    • Al Lemand

      Problem burning Lesson 15 to a CD.
      I have downloaded Lessons 1-15 and I’m burning them to CD’s to play in my car. (Lesson 10 in not available for some reason.) They all burn ok except Lesson 15 which plays at a very slow speed. I’ve downloaded it again, burned it to different media but all of them keep playing back at about 1/4 speed.
      Anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening. Also, can lesson 10 be made available? Thanks.

    • Steve Buckley

      Second request! Last week I sent a query as to why I cannot access bonus materials after paying for a three month subscription. I have not had an answer. If you are going to charge for bonus materials, they should be available.
      Please advise. Thank you.

    • Mark Mark

      Al: Not sure why this is the case – sounds very strange as the file was recorded in exactly the same way to the other files. Also, lesson 10 is available in the main feed as far as I’m aware.
      Steve: We didn’t receive your query unfortunately – I’ve searched through the email archive. We sent out the activation codes immediately when you signed up I’ve emailed you again with these codes. Can I suggest that you add mark [at] and sales [at] to your address book which should help to avoid any spam problems.

    • Christine

      The links are no longer working…. will this be fixed soon?

    • zhanglingyu

      so many words

    • kye

      lol anna: umm no

    • shapoor

      Today more words I learned.merci.

    • PJ

      These are absolutely brilliant. Although not everything has stuck in my head, a lot more has than with any other French course I’ve tried. I can ask how someone is and reply, I can ask for directions, I can ask for orange juice, or coffee, or coffee with milk, I can ask what someone works as and reply, I can ask for direction and understand basic answers, and I can explain where I’m from and ask where someone else is from.

    • Thomas

      I was wondering how do you say expresso in French

    • hannah

      what are the spelling of the two word that are a bigger cup of black coffee with extra water

    • liam

      cafe allongé i think Hannah

    • […] To learn more about coffee in France, visit: and to learn pronunciation of each and how to order, go to Coffee Break French’s lesson 15 of season 1: […]

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