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In Lesson 14 you’ll learn to talk about your town.

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    43 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 14 – Coffee Break French"

    • Jian

      Nice lesson. In the last paragraph, when you sing it appears that the order is a bit different from the text. Librairie is sung before boulangerie. Am I right?

    • Cheryl

      What a fun way to learn.
      Love to hear more of the same.

    • Lorraine


      We forgot to add the words of the song before… so here they are!

      ‘Dans la ville où j’habite
      il y a beaucoup à faire.
      Il y a beaucoup à voir
      et oui, ça c’est clair.
      C’est une ville sympa,
      une ville calme et tranquille.
      J’aime bien où j’habite,
      j’aime bien ma petite ville.

      Dans la grande place
      il y a un marché
      et en face de l’église
      il y a un musée.
      À côté de la gare
      se trouve la mairie,
      et près de la piscine
      il y a une pharmacie.

      En face du parc
      il y a une librairie
      et juste à côté,
      une boulangerie.
      Il y a aussi
      un centre commercial
      qui se trouve en face
      de l’hôpital.’

      Enjoy singing along!


    • alicia

      J’amie bien la chanson!!

    • ramesh bhatia

      Excellent Bravo! Bravo!!

    • reyeszjj

      This lesson is fantastic, which truly makes me love this language!!!

    • Hosam

      Merci Lorraine

    • elise

      love this program <3

    • Michelle

      I really love this podcast as it’s fun and useful at the same time. Love the voices of Marc and Anna. And singing is always fun!!!

    • pp (from hong kong)

      Merci Lorraine=]

      Merci Marc et Anna=]
      Je viens de Hong Kong et j’aime beaucoup pour apprendre le francais avec vous. C”est tres interessant.


    • Al Khodjaev

      I have looked on various podcasts.
      Your is the best so far. Great start, great startup music. great content, great Marc’s voice, Anna is not singer:), but she is great learner. Marc you can become Joe Dassinn and start singing you have great voice.
      i am on lesson 14, and making up a song is great idea, i love it

      Merci beaucoup.
      what is left for me to become a gold member:)

    • Sue

      I figured out the answer to my question–at the end of some of the lessons either Mark or Anna says “Merci a tous et a toutes!”

    • Miconosco

      This podcast is really excellent, you deserve all the praise you get.
      You transformed my generally idle daily commute into quite an event which I look forward to every morning.

      Your voices are great, the singing is fun, the teaching is 1st rate.

      This course has a big warm heart. Thank you for the great work.

      Respect from Hungary


    • Roz

      This lesson with the singing has brightened an otherwise flat day, can’t wait to speak the language properly and at this rate it wont be too long,,,thanks thanks

    • ly

      Thanks for the great lessons!

    • Patricia

      I am a new french lerner, and I love Coffee Break. This lesson is great. Merci!

    • Leslie

      Merci pour les paroles de chanson. J’ai les oubliée!

    • Jean Rao

      Awesome podcast!

      My once dreaded 1.5 hr commute to the office is a thing of the past now.
      I love this podcast and my commute. Best thing to happen.


    • Patricia H.

      I feel so bad as I am still on Lesson 14, BUT I do replay it over and over – and I know that sooner or later it will become a second language and I want to thank Mark and Anna – they make it enjoyable.

    • Bill Young

      Learning the language while working for the UN in Haiti. Invaluable asset.

    • Jesse

      love this episode! I’ve been making study pages from every episode and hanging them on my wall so I can practice when I go to sleep and wake up!

    • Asma

      j’adore de apprendre francais avec Mark et Anna, Merci beaucoup pour un podcast-ce la grande!

    • Nadin

      Suuuuuuuupeeeeeeeeeer love it!!!!! Thanks!!!

    • Melissa Jean

      J’aime bien la chanson. The songs help me so much! I love having them to sing and get stuck in my head until the words start coming naturally!

    • Jed

      This is oh so awesome lesson. I love the singing part. Thanks Mark and Anna! 🙂

    • Jayashree

      This podcast is fantastic! Love this lesson in particular. What a fun way to remember french words! Thanks Mark and Anna. I’ve recently discovered this show/podcast and guess what I’ve been doing every morning during my walks? 🙂
      You guys are doing a fantastic job – please keep up the good work.


    • Julie

      Hey guys,
      Thank you so much for a brillant lesson with singing!! Awesome! It really helps to learn the words to music and stays with you throughout the day. You should do more lessons with this component. I have really enjoyed spending time with you in the mornings.

      Thank you so much – I think you’re doing a fantastic job.


    • Lis

      A brilliant ,awesome way to learn in songs and music. I am soooo looking forward to each lesson! Fantastic job Mark & Anna.
      Merci Beacoup 😛


    • sapoor

      merci beaucoup

    • Prashant

      Merci Marc est Anna!

    • pietro

      Does anyone know the music or chords to the song?

    • Vidal F.

      I loved, loved, loved …!

    • Nina

      Greetings from Poland! I just want to thank you for the phantastic show. I listen to it every day. Merci beaucoup!

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Dziękuję / merci Nina!

    • Hugh

      Love this pod cast! I, along with all the others who have commented here it could seem, love your work. It is a beautiful language and you make learning it fun!

      Merci Beaucoup!

    • Rebecca

      I’m listening to season one podcasts for a third time in preparation for a month long trip to Madagascar and Paris the end of October. J’adore apprendre le francais Alec Marc et Anna! Merci beau coup.

    • Rebecca

      Dang autocorrect changed avec to Alec and beaucoup to beau coup…..

    • Fabricio Carvalho

      Très, Très, Très Bon!

    • Christina

      Salud from New York! J’aime aussie ce podcast! I love both of your voices–they are so warm and real and friendly. I hope to be able to understand un peu de francaise before I go to Paris next week. We’ll see! And I just want to say that Anna, you have a lovely sweet singing voice. Can’t sing? Nonsense! You are lovely to listen to, as are you Marc.
      Merci beaucoup!!

    • Bharati Kasibhatla

      Greetings from Portland, USA. I am listening to season 1 in preparation for a few days in Paris coming up this summer. Thanks so much for this excellent podcast. I loved this lesson in particular – the song is so great!

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