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In Lesson 13 you’ll learn to ask for directions to places in the town.

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    16 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 13 – Coffee Break French"

    • Bob

      You are excellent. I love listening to the both of you and also the short segments are perfect.

    • ramesh bhatia

      Just Excellent pair of Anna and Mark. Don’t ever break up your company.
      I enjoy the lesson so much and it’s so easy to understand because of your correct speed.

      PLEASE keep up the superb Work. I am sure other listener also agree with me.

      My grand daughter is only 11 month old and I would like to teach her FRENCH through your lessons and Anna is the wright student to teach her in her innocent Baby voice., and so is Mark too. You are great. My hat off to you.

    • julian

      merci! amateur learning french, finding the lessons very helpful.

    • Janice

      J’adore vos podcasts. Merci beaucoup.

      I’m traveling to France in a few weeks and these podcasts are really helping me to brush up on my high school French from over forty years ago!!

    • Sue

      I am enjoying the French lessons so much, and I loved learning the words to a French Christmas carol in Lesson 10! I am wondering what the phrase is that Mark says at the very end of Lesson 13–I have heard him say it before–it sounds a little like “A tous est a toute” but I can’t quite figure out what he is saying.

    • Roz

      This is the only French lessons that I literally listen to all day between telephone calls, I can’t wait to get onto it first thing in the morning and when I am finished work for the day I have it on my MP3 player. keep it up and thankyou so much

    • Patricia H.

      I agree Mark and Anna – J-adore tu et vous. These (free) lessons really are helping me w/the pronounciation which is the hardest. My native language is Spanish and I speak English fluently for 30 years so I can make out the French when reading.
      The lessons are fun and I replay them over and over. Thanks so much, I will tell all my friends about your CBF! Merci Beaucoup, muchas gracias, thanks a lot! A plu tard, and vive le vent, Anna.

    • jyoti Pradhan, Nepal

      Merci beaucoup pour votre lessons superb. Merci beaucoup Mark et Anna pour aider les nouveau francophonies! J’adore votre accents aussi.

    • jyoti Pradhan, Nepal

      j’ecoute ces lessons tous les jous. C’est tres bien pour les femmes et hommes qui sont tres occupe’.

    • zhanglingyu


    • jessica

      I never thought I would understand or speak French, and now I am! Bc of ur wonderful coffee break French! Lesson by lesson, I am actually getting it! Merci beaucoup Marc et Anna!

    • Elizabeth

      This is by far the best podcast I have found for learning French. I am amazed at how much I’ve learned in just 17 lessons. I feel I can go to France on holiday now and at least converse a little. Thank you for these great lessons. I have recommended them to friends and they also love them!

    • shapoor

      merci…you are the best.

    • PJ

      Someone has a really creepy obsession with an “innocent baby voice”. Saying it once, cool. Saying it twice, O.K.. Saying it in every comment… creepy as heck.

    • JA

      Tres bien. Merci beacoup Marc et Anna

    • Jacqueline Hemmings

      Is it: il est tres occupe (with an grave accent over the e in tres)
      elle est tres occupee ( again with a grave accent over the e in tres and an acute accent over the first e in occupee
      ils sont tres occupes (again with the grave accent)
      and elles sont tres occupees (again with the grave accent and the accute accent)? I have tried putting the accents in but I just can’t.

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