In lesson 01 of One Minute Russian you’ll be learning how to say “hello” and “goodbye”, two very important phrases for any conversation!

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    7 replies to "Lesson 01 – One Minute Russian"

    • Gopal Singh Bhati

      I Want to Russian Learn so please help me. How possibal that I learn to Russian

    • Aaron

      I have been folling the learn german courses for weeks now and they are really good. But i need to start learning Russian as of today but where are the rest of the episode! Please post them up. There should have been lesson two last week. Thanks

    • Annemiek from Netherlands

      Although i have a papercourse Russian from 1978, these podcast help me with a quick start and how to express the words, thanks

    • wentingshu

      I am thrilled to learn Russian, but please send me some handouts with the pronunciation. I need to see the word in order to pick up the sound. Thanks.

    • Mark Mark

      The handouts are available as part of the premium version of this podcast. Please visit our store at

    • ayman

      I can not hear this lesson .I do not khnow why!

    • Elena

      I’m Russian. I checked this podcast. I really like the idea of using podcasts to learn languages.
      Notes about this podcast:
      – I noticed an accent in Russian phrases, so for natives they are understandable but clearly shows that the speaker is a foreigner.
      But for beginners maybe it is not very important.
      – It would be nice to add short explanations to phrases which are taught:
      Zdra(v)stvujte: ‘zdravie = zdorovye’ – ‘health’, be healthy
      Do svidania: “do” – till, ‘svidanie’ – ‘seeing you’, till next meeting.

      Anyway, the idea is great!
      Thank you for your podcasts!

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