7 thoughts on “Lesson 01 – One Minute Russian”

  1. I have been folling the learn german courses for weeks now and they are really good. But i need to start learning Russian as of today but where are the rest of the episode! Please post them up. There should have been lesson two last week. Thanks

  2. Although i have a papercourse Russian from 1978, these podcast help me with a quick start and how to express the words, thanks

  3. I am thrilled to learn Russian, but please send me some handouts with the pronunciation. I need to see the word in order to pick up the sound. Thanks.

  4. Hi,
    I’m Russian. I checked this podcast. I really like the idea of using podcasts to learn languages.
    Notes about this podcast:
    – I noticed an accent in Russian phrases, so for natives they are understandable but clearly shows that the speaker is a foreigner.
    But for beginners maybe it is not very important.
    – It would be nice to add short explanations to phrases which are taught:
    Zdra(v)stvujte: ‘zdravie = zdorovye’ – ‘health’, be healthy
    Do svidania: “do” – till, ‘svidanie’ – ‘seeing you’, till next meeting.

    Anyway, the idea is great!
    Thank you for your podcasts!


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