Здравствуйте – Zdrástvuitye! Welcome to One Minute Russian

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Анн – my name is Ann and welcome to One Minute Russian. In this podcast I’m going to be teaching you русский язык, the Russian language. The great thing about this language course is that you’ll be learning all you need to know in 60 seconds! Yes, each one-minute language lesson will equip you with just enough Russian to help you get by in lots of situations either on holiday or on a business trip to a Russian-speaking country, or just to impress your Russian-speaking friends and colleagues.

Our course will begin on Tuesday 15th January 2008 and will be published each Tuesday for ten weeks thereafter. In the meantime, for more information, you can visit our website on www.oneminutelanguages.com. До свидания – Da svidániya!

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8 thoughts on “Здравствуйте – Zdrástvuitye! Welcome to One Minute Russian”

  1. Your program is not very good, you should be up to lesson 3, and you only have 1 posted. And your opening file doesn’t open, it has an error. Pretty bad.

  2. Sorry – we’ve just noticed that there was an error in the way in which the files were set to publish automatically. They have been published automatically by iTunes and are available in full on iTunes, but there has been a problem with the website. We’ve now rectified this and you should be able to access the course both here and in iTunes. Episode 3 was launched on 29 January, and episodes will continue weekly on Tuesdays from now on.

  3. Its a decent program, but I wish that there was a transcript in the cyrillic alphabet for the phrases contained in the lessons that was available for podcast subscribers.

  4. Dear Mark,
    There should be lessons to teach learners how to read Russian (and all the other languages as well).
    I am also wondering why my inqueries (that I had sent months ago) are not replied. I am quite sure that you have recieved them.
    yours sincerely,

  5. I really appreciate that you guys are offering these free language lessons but I feel that you could really benefit from the constructive criticism that I’m offering here.
    Spending a full minute and a half on ueeless banter that offers no information at all and that is horrifyingly boring makes it such that the One Minute Lesson just seems like too much hassle for the time. Y’see the lesson itself is good. It’s concise, useful and simple, but spending a minute before and after the lesson on NOTHING AT ALL makes it such that one is not very motivated to listen to the next lesson.


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