Lesson 02 – One Minute Irish

In lesson 02 of One Minute Irish you’ll be learning some useful words which will come in very handy when you’re trying out your Irish skills with Irish-speaking friends or in Ireland: firstly you’ll learn the natural answer to the phrase Dia Duit. You’ll also learn the words for “please” and “thank you”.

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2 thoughts on “Lesson 02 – One Minute Irish”

  1. I first discovered OneMinuteIrish on You Tube. Being a visual learner, I find it helpful to see the written word along with the audio pronunciation. Are both available for all the lessons? If so, how do I access them?

    Slan go foill!


    PS Haven’t learned to write thank you yet, haha!

  2. Dia Duit! Lis is ainm dom. Erin’s Web is particularly helpful for seeing the words printed out, as well as getting fairly good pronounciation guides. It’s all free. Having the guides is useful but it’s not able to give you a sense of the right emphasis for phrases, imo.

    Tá mé ag foghlaim freshin, ach níl mé go maith channa. I am learning too but I’m not already good. Thank you is spelled “go rabh maith agat.” If anyone has suggestions about how to consistently learn the same dialect I’d be really greatful.
    Slán go fóil!


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