In lesson 01 of One Minute Polish you’ll be learning how to say “hello” and “goodbye”, two very important phrases for any conversation!

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    3 replies to "Lesson 01 – One Minute Polish"

    • A B

      Thank you very much for these lessons! I have been looking for a basic polish language course on itunes for a while, and haven’t found any. This will be very helpful to me.

    • Matthew

      Will there be text materials for these lessons so we can see the phrases? Thanks! Bye!

    • Mark Mark

      The full transcripts and enhanced podcasts will be available for purchase as a ‘season pass’ in our store by the end of December. This advanced purchase will give access to enhanced podcasts (think “Powerpoint synchronised to the audio”), a transcript and bonus audio content for a one-off fee. You can expect to find this in the store by mid to late December. I hope this helps, Matthew.

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